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Black Ink Crew

Ceaser, Walt & Ted Still Want Smoke After Herb Punched Sky

October 13, 2018

This week’s Black Ink Crew picked up right where last week’s episode left off. The cast of Black Ink Crew is LIVID after witnessing Sky get punched in the face by newcomer Herb. And it appears as though Ceaser, Walt, and Ted want ALL THE SMOKE and are ready for round 2 … even though […]

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Sky Got Her Wig Knocked Off By Newcomer Herb, and Teddy Returned the Favor by Knocking Herb’s Block Off

October 6, 2018

Damn near half the cast of “Black Ink Crew (New York)” got into a huge brawl on this week’s episode, and Twitter went HAM over it. When the Black Ink Crew Season 7 trailer was released a few weeks ago, we all saw someone beating the crap out of someone, and now we know who […]

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First 6 Minutes of the Black Ink Crew (New York) Season 7 Premire

September 18, 2018

We’re just days away from the Black Ink Crew (New York) Season 7 premiere, and VH1 is teasing fans by previewing the first six minutes of the episode. The clip opens up with Ceaser throwing a block party at his 113th street shop in Harlem to celebrate the upcoming launch of a new shop in […]

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Ceaser Brawls with Puma, O’Sh**, Walt & Some Random Guy; Jadah Gets Pregnant (By Teddy?); Donna Is Still Hoeing

September 16, 2018

Black Ink Crew (New York) is back for an all-new season full of new drama, and ahead of the Season 7 premiere, VH1 has released the full supertrailer giving fans a sneak peek at what to expect. From In the extended sneak peek, Sky is all “life is all about celebration,” but it looks […]

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Sky From “Black Ink Crew” Shares Photos With Both of Her Sons on Instagram

August 23, 2018

On last season’s “Black Ink Crew,” we all watched as Sky attempted to reconnect with her two sons Des and Genesis after giving them up for adoption years ago when they were little boys. While her relationship with her youngest son, Des, has grown a lot since then, we all saw what happened when she […]

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