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Blake Griffin

Jarrett Allen Viciously Blocks Blake Griffin’s Dunk Attempt for the Second Time This Season

October 18, 2018

Blake Griffin was once one of the most exciting, explosive players to ever come through the NBA. When he and Chris Paul turned the perpetually “meh at best” Los Angeles Clippers into the must-see Lob City … well, let’s just say the duo were frequent features on Sports Center’s Top 10. Seriously, just watch. Even if […]

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Blake Griffin Ordered to Pay Baby Mama $258K a Month in Child Support

August 3, 2018

Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons has reportedly reached a child support deal with his baby mama Brynn Cameron, and there are reports that he has been ordered to pay her $258,000 per month. Yes, you read that right, Blake Griffin has reportedly been ordered to pay his baby mama a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS every […]

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