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High School Teacher Arrested After Video Shows Him Fighting Student in Class

November 7, 2018

A California high school teacher was arrested after he was caught on video fighting a student in his classroom. According to ABC 7, students in the class said an argument over a dress code violation led to the physical altercation between the teacher and the student. Video footage from the confrontation at Maywood Academy High […]

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Dead Baby Found in Maryland High School’s Bathroom

October 6, 2018

Police say someone found a dead baby in a bathroom at a high school in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. The baby was reportedly delivered on Wednesday (Oct. 3), the same day it was found. A school resource officer at High Point High School was alerted to the newborn’s body earlier that morning. Police […]

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Quick Facts About High School Cheerleader Murdered by Football Player Boyfriend

September 15, 2018

8Gaul’s friends offered to help police find the murder weapon. McCarty and another one of Gaul’s friends Noah Walton both knew if they could help authorities find the gun Gaul had in his possession it would easily identify Gaul as the murder suspect. The shell casings at the murder scene were from a 9mm handgun, […]

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