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Viral Photo of Justin Bieber Eating Burrito Sideways Was Staged

November 2, 2018

Remember last week when we called Justin Bieber out for being an MFin monster because he was pictured taking a bite out of a burrito from the side? Well, it turns out, the man in the viral photo was NOT Justin Bieber after all. The whole thing was a viral prank! Gizmodo reports: The […]

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Meet the Woman Who Called Police on Little Girl for Selling Water “Illegally Without a Permit”

June 24, 2018

1Alison Ettel seemed to call the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water to baseball fans outside her apartment building. Ettel later said she was just bluffing about calling the police. According to a family member—a woman named Raj on Twitter who says she’s the little girl and her mom’s cousin—said the girl and her mom […]

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Jamaican Lottery Winner Wears Emoji Mask to Collect Million-Dollar Check

June 10, 2018

A Jamaican lottery winner went all out to make sure no distant cousins bothered her as she collected her multi-million dollar check. In what has become a viral moment, the lottery winner showed up wearing an emoji mask. Identified only as N. Gray, the woman received her $1 million (USD) giant check from Supreme Ventures […]

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Draymond Green Jr.’s Hilarious Side-Eye Goes Viral After Golden State’s Game 7 Win Against Houston Rockets

June 9, 2018

After Golden State Warriors defeated the Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Houston, Draymond Green’s adorable 4-month-old son, Draymond Jr., stole the show at the post-game trophy ceremony. Draymond Jr. enjoying the ceremony — 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) May 29, 2018 While Draymond was being interviewed by sportscaster Ernie Johnson […]

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