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Black Dad Who “Golfcart Gail” Called Police on Breaks Down in Tears, Says Woman Owes Him an Apology

October 20, 2018

It’s a tale that has now, sadly, become as old as time. Yet another white woman has called the cops on a black man for the simple fact that he had the audacity to live in America while not being white. What was the cause of the latest in this long-running string of incidents? A […]

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Hallway Hilary Fired Over Viral Video Showing Her Stopping Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building

October 18, 2018

Over the weekend, a video surfaced showing a white woman refusing to let a black man enter his apartment building in downtown St. Louis. D’Arreion Toles was returning home late from work Friday night (Oct. 12) when Hilary Brooke Thornton, who lived on the third floor of the Elder Shirt Lofts, demanded Toles provide proof […]

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Black Babysitter Says White Woman Called Police on Him While He Was Watching White Children

October 11, 2018

A black man named Corey Lewis said that a white woman followed him and called the police on him while he was babysitting two white kids. Lewis was leaving a Walmart Subway in Marietta, Georgia on Sunday (Oct. 14) with two white children he was babysitting when a white woman drove up beside his car […]

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White Woman Calls Police on Mom Sitting in Car With Baby

October 4, 2018

Here we go again: Another white person has called the police on a person of color for simply existing. When will it ever end? This past weekend, the hashtag #ParkingLotBarbara became a trending topic on Twitter after a video went viral showing a white woman in California calling the police on a mother, who just […]

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Man Serves Friends Tacos Made From His Amputated Foot

June 12, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, I honestly didn’t think it was possible, but I believe we have officially reached peak caucasity. Like, there is literally nothing that can surpass the level of “WTF, WYPIPO?!” in this story. In what can only be described as the most white people sh*t you will probably ever hear in your lifetime, […]

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